The Natural Circus

Natural Circus Diary 2010 - 2014
Natural Circus Diary 2014 - 2018

For quite some time The Natural Circus was a sort of overall name for my sharings and wanderings.

Not unlike a wandering monk or a pilgrim, or at times a traveling researcher, I roamed in and out of cultural contexts and natural environments.

Here and there, I passed on information on various practices and approaches from one bioregion to the other.

Also, the Natural Circus was my form of resistance.

It was a conscious and necessary observation and consequent withdrawal from ways of thought and operation that, to my understanding, did not honor the well-being of all life.

It was (and is in a way) an alert way of non-cooperation/participation; an ongoing strike, that at the same time, here and there, points at alternatives and transcendence.